Graduate Students

Hello team,

How would you graduate a student group manually as the current rollover checks if student Year Group is last and then during the rollover action they are set to “Graduate”, and this checks the Year Group Sequence.

How can I Graduate a Year Group that is not last in the sequence. This is a scenario where the school uses 2 exam board with different Year Group and Form group naming.

PS: I know you can withdraw a student under people>>students>>enrolment, though this is bulk.


Hi Kelvin,

The “Graduated” label during rolllover is only added to the “Departure Reason” for the students, it’s not an actual status in Gibbon and doesn’t have any particular function aside from reminding people that the student has left the school because they’ve graduated.

There isn’t a specific function in Gibbon for changing a whole year group’s enrolment mid-year, is that what you’re looking to do? The best bet would be to use an import for that, or write an SQL command on Query Builder, but this could be problematic as it would replace the existing student enrolment: a student can only be enrolled in one form group/year group per school year.

Hi Sandra,

The scenario is to set left and update ‘Departure reason’ to Graduate for specific Year Group that in our school we consider as graduated.

Thats weird I know, but the thing is we have two academic system [for local government & international students] and they graduate at different Year Group so during rollover it’s not automatic to specific year group.

At the moment I will use SQL to update status and set Departure reason but I thought probably there’s another way or could be added to future request or during multi-school implimentation this can be handled on their classes running on different school setup.

Thank you.

If you’re using SQL be sure to check out the Commands section of the Query Builder, which lets you save frequent SQL commands with variables. In this case, since your situation is highly specific to your school, I don’t see that we’d likely add this to the core, but commands are a nice way to create actions that non-programmer users in your system can run at particular times of the year.

sure sure SQL commands does good job… and that’s why Gibbon is very flexible <3