Graduate Student

Dear Ross and Gibbons team.

Thank you for this great tools.

A student Join in our school 2015-2016 as Grade 7 and Graduate in 2020-2021. When I set End Date field for the user 16 July 2021 (Term 2020-2021 end date July 16,2021 and that is Graduation Day), why that student disappear from Form Groups 2015-2016, 2016-2017 until 2020-2021.

How we can mark student status left because of Graduate or because of something else?

Thank you for your kind answer

Hi, Imam! Gibbon has an inbuilt function called Withdraw Student, which can be found under Admissions in the Students menu. In this interface, you can manually withdraw a student, set their end date, and list the reason as “Graduated”.

This is a simpler and more reliable option than manually editing the End Date field. Alternatively, when you conduct a Rollover at the end of the school year, you can automatically set all final year students to Left - Graduated. I hope this helps!

Addendum: once an end date is set for a student, they do disappear from previous years. This is intended behaviour, as we don’t expect people to log in to previous years and check form groups and such. What are you trying to look at this data for? That might help us understand your issue better. Thanks!

I thought we lost the history data about the student with LEFT status if it disappear from previous year. I suspect if I mark the student status LEFT than all graduates and withdraws students will disappear from previous years.

Good morning. The reason Left student disappear from the system is to avoid users seeing and editing data for left students, which is generally not relevant. In some places, such as User Admin, those users still appear. In other places, such as People > Students and Assess > Reports there is a checkbox to show left students, so that you can still see their data if needed. Hopefully this helps! Ross.

Thank you Ross, that was very helpful.

Maybe you can make a mechanism (for future request) for the past calendar year, can be made read only by the admin. I personally prefer students who have graduated or left to stay in the terms that have been passed (not disappear) so we can see the historical data that has been recorded for every students.

This is a very good suggestion, but it would be a massive job, as it would involve rewriting SQL across the system. It is worth keeping in mind, but would not be an immediate priority. Thanks for taking the time to suggest an improvement though : )