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I have some Problems with the Grade Book. I created my own Grade Scale. It is a numeric scale (from 12 to 0). Whats the way to get the cummulative calculated. If i use the percentage scale everything works. But my own scale wont work. What is the point i am missing?
Thanks for your help

Stefan, hello and welcome to the Gibbon community. I think @skuipers might be the best person to answer this question, and she wrote this part of Gibbon. Perhaps you could start with a screenshot of your scale as seen in Admin > School Admin? Thanks, Ross.

Hmm, I believe the cumulative mark only works for the percent scale at the moment. It may be possible with other numeric scales, but it could take some reworking of the code. For example, just because a scale is numeric doesn’t guarantee it has a constant increment, or that its even lowest to highest.

I can take a look and see if it’s possible to arrive at a cumulative mark using the sequence number of the scale rather than the actual value. This could result in some interesting behavior if sequence numbers aren’t configured in a constant incremental scale. Worth a look though.

Thank you for your answers, and sorry for my late answer.
Here are my to screenshots. In my case, the lowest sequence number is the best note.

Thank you for your great work. I would like to contribute, but the only thing i could do, is a german translation.


German translation would be a wonderful contribution. Please email us on, and we can get you up and running. Mein Deutche is nicht gut genuk fur ubersetzen!



Hi @skuipers, you take a look and see if it’s possible to arrive at a cumulative mark using the sequence number…?
I´m in the same situation, I would like to use another scale, if I do it the cummulative doesnt make any calculation!!!, let me know please. Thanks

It slipped off my to-do list, but it is something I’d like to see solved so I’ve added it back on. I’ll try to get it into v14, cant make any guarantees though. Thanks!

Please, please, please !!!

First of all, thank you so much @skuipers for your hard work.
I was just wondering if there is an update on this? I am also interested.

Thank you,

Good afternoon! I am new at Gibbon (and without any experience in SQL or anything) and I just ran into a similar problem. Is there any update on this?
In Ecuador, our grade scale is from 0 to 10 but with two decimals. I have created the custom grade scale (with more than a 1000 entries!) but now the Markbook isn´t calculating the average. Hoping that there is some way to fix it! Thank you! Sr. Emma

@admin @ross

I kept investigating and found that I had to change the settings in ADMIN–System Admin–Configure System…and now I am getting an average with my grades. BUT it is giving me an average without decimals. Is there a way to fix that?

I haven´t stopped investigating… but now I really need help. I have followed instructions in another thread and have changed some code…

And now my markbook columns have two decimals. But my rows still don´t. What else do I have to change? I am afraid to investigate myself since I haven´t a clue what I am doing. @rossdotparker


Hi Sr. Emma,

Great to hear you’re getting in and modifying Gibbon to your needs. Be sure to keep a list of any tweaks you make, as when you update Gibbon next these can get overridden with updated code.

When you say your rows don’t have decimal places, are you able to share a specific example?

Thanks for the tip because it hadn´t occurred to me!

As far as the decimal places… for example the student that is marked in red has 7,48 has her final grade…but the cummulative average and the term average are only 7. I need the calculated averages to also have two decimals. Where should I make changes so that it calculates the average maintaining the two decimals?

Hi Sr. Emma,

Hmm, this is odd. The code changes you made to getFormattedAverage should have updated these numbers in all locations. When you hover over the number in the cumulative average, do you see the full non-rounded value? This should be the default behaviour. Otherwise, perhaps try removing the round() function entirely and see if it gives you the raw value. I’ve tested it locally and it seems to work, but perhaps PHP isn’t handling localized numbers with commas in them properly for purposes of rounding. Unusual!

Thanks for your help…
When I hover over the number I see the rounded number with two decimals. For example this student has a 7,86 but her rounded average is 7,00.

I have tried to erase the whole round function…but I think I must have done something wrong because it gave me an error. I replaced the text that I had erased and it is all working again.
I erased everything that is marked in red:

And I left the code like this:

But it gave me an “Oh no. The gibbons have escaped” error.

If the problem is the commas I could changed to periods…that wouldn´t be a problem. Would that be the best thing to try?

Hi Sr. Emma, you’re making great strides getting into the code and seeing what works. To remove the function, in this case, you’d also need to remove the brackets and other parts of the function call. Here’s what it would look like:

round($average, 2) becomes <code class="CodeInline">$average

Hope this helps! It is very strange that it isn’t rounding correctly.


I changed my grading system to use “.” instead of “,” for the decimals…and I changed my computer settings so that it would allow me to do so. Now it is calculating the averages…although the averages use “,” because I have Gibbon in Spanish. =D

Thank you for your help!

Great to hear! You’ve done some excellent troubleshooting here, we’ll be sure to point anyone who has a similar issue in the future to this thread. Nice to see that you have it working now :smiley: