Grade 6 Student - Enrollment for Grade 7

Good day Admin!

I have already created an account for the parent/Guardian.
The Student in Grade 6 now. I am testing Enrollment for Grade 7

Unfortunately, this is the result message.

This is my first time to test online enrollment. Hoping for your assistance.
Thank you in advance.


Likewise, when enrolling for a new student, still the same error appeared

Hi radzjacer,

Once a student has an account, you don’t need to complete the application form again. Instead, head to People > Students > Manage Enrolment. Skip to next year using the year selector, and then press the Add link.

In addition you can go to Admin > School Admin > Manage Form Groups (or Roll Groups in US English). Here you can create form groups for next year, and then edit this year’s form groups to say which group graduates into which.

We use a combination of these to set up enrolment in advance of doing the rollover (Admin > User Admin > Rollover), which is the process that pushes the school from this year into next year, populating form groups based on Manage Form Groups, and overriding this with existing enrolments if already created.

Hopefully this clears things up, but if not, just let us know.


Thank Ross and the rest of the Admin for this prompt reply.
This system is a Big help indeed!

Will try the suggestions.