Google maps api integration in Gibbon

Hello All,
I´m new here at Gibbon, but I am thinking on this school platform to use it in the school where i work.
My question is:
Is there posible to add Custom Fields with code… i would like to add Google Maps APi code to use it into the registration of users and get the geolocation of their addresses and then to see all the map os the city with the location icons of the students and employees.

Hi Marcos, for security reasons the custom fields do not include code options by default, and will sanitize and remove html from submitted text, as these can potentially open the system up to iframe and CSRF attacks. One way to get their geolocation might be to ask for their latitude and longitude as two separate fields (perhaps directing them to a tool to find these, such as To make use of this data, whether it was code or latt/long values, you would need to do some development to create a custom module or script to turn their inputs into some kind of automated google map. If you are planning to get into some module development, be sure to check out the docs:

Hope this helps!