Google Integration and Username Field

Good day. We have set User’s Username field to contain the Employee ID (example “FS2018001”) or the Student ID (example “2021004”) so it can be auto-incremented. And we encoded the email address in User’s Email field (example “ancheta.ang@[domain]”). We have not setup the server’s mail transfer agent.

If we will use Google Integration will this setup work?

  1. A new student “Barry Brandt” will be added in Gibbon as Username = “2022002” and Email = “barry.brandt@[domain]”
  2. The new student’s email address will be created in gmail as “barry.brandt@[domain]”
  3. If the new user logs into gmail using email address “barry.brandt@[domain]”, opening Gibbon website will log that user as Username “2022002”

Or if we set the new user as Username = “2022002”, then the Email field should be “2022002@[domain]”?

Hi Richard,

Your first scenario is correct, you can use username 2022002 and email barry.brandt@[domain], and the user can login via Google with barry.brandt@[domain] as long as that email is registered with your Google Admin domain. I know one school that is setup exactly like this and it works quite well.


Thank you @ross for prompt reply :slight_smile: