Google Calendar events not visible in Planner

Hi, new user here.

We had recently installed Gibbon v20 for our school and we have been testing out some of its features. We followed the Google Integration documentation to set up the Google sign on feature and we are now able to login with our Gsuite accounts. We have enabled the Google Calendar API as well in the Google Developer Console project and set the shared school calendar under Home > System Admin > Third Party Settings.

However, on the Gibbon dashboard under Planner none of my Google Calendar events show up. Both my personal and school calendar are enabled but the the events are not getting displayed. Is there something that I missed out on?

Hi unen13, welcome to the Gibbon community :smiley:

It sounds like you have set everything up right, since you’re able to login. A couple steps that might help for troubleshooting:

  • Be sure to use the Sign in with Google button, and perhaps try a couple different users to see if the result is the same.
  • Is the school calendar shared publicly? I don’t believe the personal ones need shared, but to access the data from a non-user-specific calendar I believe it needs to be public.
  • Try checking your Developer Console in Google to see if there is any traffic on the Calendar API (it should give you a graph with usage stats). It may even highlight errors if there are any.

Hi, Did you get this to work? I’m facing the same issue.

Never mind. Looked at the end of your comment. Went in to the console and enabled the calendar api. Works Thanks

I’m facing the same issue. But i’m lucky finally, i have to add time table, columns and tie days to dates. Then everything look fine.