Google Apps

Hi Ross, I followed the google integration steps to enable our users access to gibbon without a user and password, but seems to be this issue is not working, or maybe I did something wrong, how can I realize this is working?, I dont see any link or logo in my google account to go to gibbon !!!.
I just see the “Sign in with Google” button when I go to the main gibbon login page, if I click on it Google asks for my user name and password, when I enter my information, the page is returned to Gibbon, I have to enter my user name and pass in gibbon, and once I enter the email link on top redirects go my Google account without username and pass, is that the main purpose of this feature?

Oflodac, the purpose is that you can log in with your Google account, rather than Gibbon account. So, it should direct you to Google, you approve the app permissions, and then you should be logged in. It will only let you in if your email address in Gibbon matches your Google Account email address. Does this make sense? Ross

Yes, but my doubt is if our gibbon system is integrated correctly with google now?, I have to click on “sign in with Google”, then accept, then enter to Gibbon with my username and pass, is this ok?. The email account I use matches with my user data

Oflodac, it sounds like the integration is not working. When you come back to Gibbon from Google you should be landing on the homepage, logged in. Have you looked at the instructions at What version of Gibbon are you using?