GitHub Pull Request Ideas.

One of the issues that Github presents is that any pull request lists not only the commits included, but all of the commits that the developer has contributed. This makes it hard to identify how far back to test code. A quick solution is to include the the hash key of the first commit in the current pull request. You can easily obtain this hash from the Github Desktop looking at the history. Click on the commit on the column at the left, them click on the hash key at the top of the screen to copy it to the clipboard.

It is also helpful to include the list of commits in the notes of the pull request:
Debug: Logout Script; Redirect Header changed to 303.
after 260e8a162fd83f9f52c6d54438c1e05308866761
Feature: System File Management.
Render: Remove Finder and sidebar when screen width decreases.
after 89c5270b920c9b1672ef22c71a97fa017e5589e1
CSS: Hamburger Menu Colour and position changes.
Feature: Page Anchor Display Switch

Craig Rayner

Craig, thanks for sharing this. Hopefully this will be useful in helping developers following in your footsteps to create concise pull requests. Ross.