Gibbon with no parents

Can Gibbon be used in a non-parent/family mode. In universities/colleges most learners are mature students who do not require parental involvement.


At TSLW, we have ignored the parents and sibling relationship entries throughout our system. It has worked, but there are a lot of fields we ignore in entering new students’ data. There are other parts of the system that don’t quite fit. Like Tiekbd, we would be happy to get advice on the best way to handle post-high-school students and schools whose entire student enrollment are adults.

Hi Tieku & GlennS, these are great questions, and although Gibbon was not designed with higher education in mind, we’d love to think that it can be effective in that space.

GlennS I’d be interested to know some of the cases where you find simply ignoring the parent/family aspects of the system is not working for you. We can then think about how we might be able to respond.



Thanks for the quick reply. Probably the most awkward parts are on the initial screen before anyone logs in. The link to register a student is totally designed for parents. The ability for a potential student to register himself without a lot of inappropriate family questions would definitely be a plus. We do not currently use Gibbon for report cards or the like, but in most schools that would also be designed around parents where we need that sent to the students. Though it has been a while since we considered Gibbon for this, I think invoicing was mostly planned for parents. There may be other areas that I think of later. If so, I’ll add them. THANK YOU, Ross.

Hi Glenn,

No worries at all, happy to help : )

For student registration there is the ability to enable Public Registration, with the ability to approve accounts as they are created. The settings for this can be found under Admin > User Admin > Public Registration Settings.

For reports, @ross built a very flexible system into v19, and this ought to allow you to report direct to students, rather than having go reference or go through parents.

Finally, for invoices, we recently added an action called View Invoices_mine, which allows students to view their own invoices.

These won’t solve all of the issues, but hopefully they are steps in the right direction!




The issue with Student registrations (even with Public Registration set to Yes) is Parent information is still required. How can that part be eliminated. Is it possible to have a student register without being required to provide parent information?

When invoices are being issued, they are sent out to parent emails. Student emails are not displayed to be selected. Again can invoices be sent directly to students?


Teiku and Ross,

We are using Gibbon only for student information, including emergency info, to be available to teachers and tutors during COVID-19 when we are almost entirely using virtual learning. We also track attendance through this, and are beginning to track extenal standardized testing results with this. I am using it some with lesson planning. We find the library part useful. We have version 19 and we are not using online enrollment by parents or students. Data Admin and Query Builder, the newer reporting features in V 19, and some graphic reports (like Attendance Trends) are all helpful. Even though Gibbon wasn’t designed for the type of school we are, we still find it very useful for the purposes listed. (I have recommended Gibbon several times to other schools.)

Hi Tieku,

What you are referring to is the Student Application Form with public set to Yes. However, there is a much simpler Public Registration form, an example of which you can see here. No parents required : )

You cannot current send emails directly to students, but you can bulk issue them without emailing, and then email students to invite them to look at the invoice through the interface action mentioned above.

Hi GlennS,

Thanks for updating us on what you are using. It is great to hear that you are finding Gibbon useful enough to recommend to others : ) v20 (current stable version) and v21 (due for release 20/01/2021) include a range of enhancements, with some lovely visual improvements in v21.



Ross, I mistakenly said we were using V19. We have been on V20 since shortly after it was released. I am excited about new features in V21 and like the info you posted to Tieku about a Public Registration Form without parent information. That should be very helpful to us, too. THANKS AGAIN!

Is the Public Registration Form available now?

Hi GlennS, you are most welcome : )

Hi Tieku, yes, Public Registration Form has been part of Gibbon for some versions already, and so is in the current stable version, v20.

A module? Or how do I flip this on?

Or that’s what results in:
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Correct, it is what turns on Register on the front page. You can use String Replacement (Admin > System Admin) to adjust the text to fit your needs.