Gibbon v20: Gibbon Education Limited

Hello Gibbon-Team,

Congrats for the new release. Cant wait to try it out!
Hope you can tell us a bit more about Gibbon Education Limited!

What is the difference between reports and the query builder?

Thank you in advance!


And welcome to the Gibbon community.

Query builder module module is used to export data from different tables using SQL select Queries.


Reports module is used to generate PDF reports/transcripts for feedback to students.

Hope this will be helpful.

You can also find docs for more information.

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Ghulam Abbas
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Hi ub123, you are most welcome, and we hope you enjoy v21 : )

Gibbon Educational Limited is the for-profit arm of Gibbon, recently established in order to provide expert support, consulting, customisation and hosting for those who need it. It is distinct from the Gibbon project (soon to be legally set up as the Gibbon Foundation), although the same core team are involved.

Query Builder lets you build up a library of SQL queries, which can be useful for pulling data out of Gibbon. However, Gibbon Education Limited provides, via a Value Added License, access to an existing library of over 90 useful queries.

You can learn more at: