Gibbon v19.0.00 - Upcoming changes

Hello Gibbon-Team,

are there any notes for the upcoming Version v19.0.00?
Which changes or features can we expect :slight_smile:


Hi ub123,

Good question. If you look at the v19 project board you can see some items that are still outstanding:

In addition, you can look at CHANGELOG.txt to see what is already in place:

Finally, probably the biggest news of all is that @ross is just doing final tests on a brand new (and very lovely) Reporting module that will be part of the Gibbon core.

We are hoping to complete the table refactoring by v21, after which we will refactor some more of the backend. At a certain point the refactoring will be done, and we’ll start seriously considering larger changes to the system…which will be much easier once the refactor is done.

Let us know if you have any specific questions.



Thats great ! Is this new reporting module coming in V19?

Yes, the new Reports module is aimed for v19 :smiley: We’re putting it through it’s paces with some live-testing at my school, and we’ll also be looking for testers when we begin the pre-release testing for v19.

Respected Sandra ,
Thats a great news! I am volunteer for testing . So please consider me for testing the reports.


Hi Sandra, I would like to volunteer for reporting module

Hi @ghulamabbas92 and @rprice1978

Thanks for your offer to help test the new reporting functionality :smiley: The new Reports module is now in the v19 development branch, which you can install or upgrade to here:

One installed, look for a Reports module under the Assess heading. As it’s brand new functionality, so there isn’t any documentation yet, but feel free to explore the actions available in the new module. To try out the template builder, run the Scan Template Directories action once from the Template Builder > Manage Assets page to update the list of available components. Feel free to give a shout with any questions.

Respected @ross I am discovering the great reports module . But I need some ordering or general instruction for this as I could not getting what I want. So I need your expert opinion. Is it can get data from Markbook?

When we click generate report it says

TCPDF ERROR: [Image] Unable to get image: /tmp/img_5QYn59

Hmm. Are you able to share a screenshot of the template you have built? And perhaps check to see in the Preview HTML/Preview PDF that the image you are using has uploaded correctly.