Gibbon usage in North Carolina?

I’m looking for other districts using Gibbon in North Carolina.
I am trying to get this approved for my school, and my IT department is telling me that it has to pass all the new NCDPI third-party data integration requirements. I’d love insight from others in NC using this and how you are dealing with these new NCDPI requirements.

Hi @jstipton welcome to the Gibbon community. I wish I could help in this case, but being based out of Hong Kong our regulations are quite different here. Best of luck!

A great thing that Gibbon has going for it is that it’s self-hosted, rather than cloud-based, which satisfies a lot of government requirements that prevent storing data in third-party servers. We just completed our own third-party security audit and vulnerability scan earlier this year, but I suspect your government may have it’s own requirements for running those with specific vendors.

Triangle South Literacy Works, Inc., is a non-profit community-based organization teaching adults in our office and at other sites across three counties. We are a literacy council style of school that has used Gibbon for four years. I am the system administrator in addition to teaching. Feel free to contact me at
Our office is located in Dunn, NC, but we serve a little more than three counties.

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