Gibbon Maximum Users

Please what is the maximum number of users or students Gibbon can carry/support?

The main issue wouldn’t be the total number of users but the total number that would be logged in and using it at the same time (Concurrent users). The number of concurrent users is more likely to be governed by your server specs and the bandwidth of connection to the server.

Frank, the gibbonPerson database is currently limited to 9,999,999,999 individuals (more than the current world population), so there is, in theory, no limit. However, as pedley points out, in practice performance comes down to the specs and connectivity of your server, and the number of concurrent users.

At ICHK we a total of 1500 users (750 students) on a 7 year old HP Proliant server with 10GB RAM that rarely spikes above 5% CPU usage. Gibbon’s average page load is around 2MB of RAM.

Wow! That’s great! Thank you so much @pedley and Ross.
Please what is the recommended web hosting company for Gibbon?
What is the minimum hosting plan that can work well for Gibbon - shared, VPS or Dedicated hosting plan? Also, what’s the minimum system (software/hardware) or server requirements before running Gibbon?
Are there any special configuration or server setup to be made when choosing a particular hosting company and plan in order to run Gibbon?


I use GreenGeeks for all my hosting, and have a couple small Gibbon installs (including which might interest you) which work well enough.

However, for any serious installation I would look at Amazon AWS, but then of course you need to be able to manage and secure your own OS…in which case some kind of VPS or dedicated hosting might be better.



I’m using digital ocean for my hosting. I run it on the basic rig there costs me $5 a month. but I only run it for a couple of users but the advantage there is you can start with a smaller rig and if you are having issues just upgrade the rig no need to transfer anything anywhere.

That should be couple of hundred users