Gibbon Integration with Moodle

Hello Ross,

I want to pull student authentication
and enrolment data from Gibbon v 10.0.00 into Moodle
2.6.3. I have installed Gibbon with demo data on a separate domain (e.g. and Moodle on separate domain (e.g. I
have followed instructions given on

Because of limitation on length of post here, I have explained problem in more details along with snapshots of errors on

I really need your valuable assistance in this regard.


Mark, thanks for your post here, and the linked post on The first set of PHP errors you are seeing are from Moodle’s code, which uses the old PHP method for connecting to a mysql database. This class, mysql, is now deprecated, but still working. I suggest you disable warnings to get these of screen, but really, they are doing no harm.

My best guess is that, on the Gibbon server, you have mysql set up in the default mode, which does not accept connections that are not from the same machine. Check out the bind-address setting, as outlined at

Hope this helps!

PS, v11 is now out, and will prove a better platform to build on compared to v10.