Gibbon Installation Page (Problem with PHP suspected)


I am having issues with getting to the gibbon installation page (URL: I’m running it on an Ubuntu 16.04 LTS server with PHP 7.0. I have followed the installation steps according to this site: As you can see, it outputs a lot of code. I think there is a problem with PHP but I confirmed that PHP and all the necessary packages are installed (especially libapache-mod-php7.0). When I try running info.php (with the phpinfo function) I’m getting a blank page on Firefox and the code in it shown on Google Chrome. When I check the apache2 error log it just shows account of the times I restarted Apache2. Also how could I enable HTTPS with my Gibbon site. Any help with be appreciated.

Thank you.

Okay so I decided to install Gibbon on a new operating system (CentOS 7). I followed the steps according to this link: When I go to my browser and put http://my-ip-address/admin (admin is what I name the gibbon directory instead of gibbon) I’m getting a 500 error on Chrome.

Hi Alex, welcome to the Gibbon community :smiley:

It sounds like PHP may not be running properly, particularly if you’re seeing a blank page from the phpinfo function. This likely is a step missing in your server setup, if you run which php or <code class="CodeInline">php -v in the command line what do you see? For troubleshooting, it may help to focus on searching for docs and tutorials specific to your OS for getting PHP running, and focus on getting your phpinfo() page working. Once that works, then try Gibbon again.

Hope this helps!

I forgot to post a reply but I was able to get Gibbon running again. I just reinstalled php.