gibbon for training center

can i use gibbon for training center. you know how the training centers works, it is slightly different from school. Students can enroll in individual courses and/or package of courses related to a specific subject such as French Language. rollover can be done for students who has enrolled in program. the duration of course is short (few weeks).
can gibbon fit for such organization?

You can connect it with Moodle

aalzehla, welcome to Gibbon : ) There is no simple yes/no answer to this question. Gibbon has a wide range of features and options, as well as the ability to turn these on and off for various roles within the system. This gives it a high degree of flexibility, so a lot is possible…within reason.

For example, at current there is no way in Gibbon to have students enrol in their own courses. If this was something you were really keen to have, you could look at doing it within in a custom module, or working with a programmer to add it into the Gibbon core (we can help offer guidance).

As jmsperu mentions, you can also connect it to Moodle, which might offer some of the functionality you are looking for. Hope this helps.


Thank you for reply, jmsperu and Ross.
Ross, I would like to add it to core. thanks again for your offer of help. I’m counting on that. I will review my requirements to minimize the customization. I’ll contact you as soon as i finished.

Ateik Alzehla