Gibbon for small tutoring base education centre

Hi all, I’m new to Gibbon. I am running a small tutoring centre providing short courses with no semester structure such as a Piano course which the tutor fees would be settled every month and the student could enroll at anytime in a year.

Does Gibbon fits such use case? How should I setup the fees term to fit such scenario? Thanks a lot in advance :slight_smile:

Hi kingdev, it could be possible to use Gibbon in this way. Billing Schedules can be customized in the Finance module, so you could setup one per month and issue invoices that way. Timetable-wise, it may depend on how you’re looking to use the timetable and what your course schedule looks like. The timetabling system in Gibbon is very flexible but also designed for a repeating school-style timetable. However, as of v25, currently in development and releasing Jan 20, 2023, activities within the system also show up on the timetable and can be configured with different start/stop dates and weekly time periods, so this could be a way to setup a more ad-hoc schedule for students.

Hello sandra,
Thanks for the explanation. For those scenario how should I arrange school year and class as most of the courses in my centre are short courses / ad-hoc workshops…