Gibbon dictionary?

Hello there,

I would like to know whether Gibbon has a documented dictionary for educational terms?

Definitions for terms like Departments, Roll groups, Houses, Year Groups, Classes?

Sometimes I’m finding that there is an England educational culture behind some of the terms, and a vocabulary would help a lot when it comes to configuring Gibbon for School use…

Thanks in advance,
Manuel Ruiz

Found a few of terms I was looking for in this page:

Nevermind… Thanks

Hi Manuel, I’m glad you found what you are looking for. You are not wrong: Gibbon is UK-centric in terms of terminology, and it’s default language is English (UK). The Administrator’s Getting Started guide does provide some translation for key terms, and we’d be happy to add to it if you have any suggestions:



Hello there Ross,

There is one term I would like a little explanation: “Houses”. I understand that the English word refers to a place where people live in. But is there another definition in the Gibbon context?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Manuel, the house systems in schools like the UK are kinda like the Harry Potter houses, where students belong to a house with a name and often a crest or logo, and when they compete in certain school events they earn points for their house.

So we would use Houses more in our Sports departments and not much in the Academic department. Got it!

Or you can ignore them completely if they don’t fit. My understanding is that house sports in the UK are the equivalent of inter-mural sports in North America. However, in the UK, the house point system is also used for non-sport activities, such as debating, or even for awarding behaviour points.