Gibbon Customization (Student and Staff Application Online Form)


I was wondering how exactly can I customize the Student Application form (which has an ‘online form’ hyperlink on the landing page) as well as the Staff Application form. For example, I would like to replace the existing two forms with my own forms. Which file do I go to find the forms and in which directory do I find them?

Hi Alex,

This is a good question, but I believe it has been answered else where in the forum. Please can you have a search around, and then post again if you cannot find it. Apologies if you’ve already done this.



Ok I found out which php files holds the two forms. The student application form is core/modules/User Admin/staffApplicationFormSettings.php and the staff application form is core/modules/User Admin/staffApplicationFormSettings.php in GitHub. I found this feature (Application Form Referee Link) while I was looking through the two forms. Can you explain more about this because if it is what I think it is then I can link the page to a external form (for example my customized form)?

Hi Alex,

The referee link is part of the built-in application form rather than a replacement: the application will ask the person filling it out to provide a referee email address from the current school they’re attending, and upon submission the Application Form Referee Link will be emailed to that person, to fill out that form.

If you’re looking to replace the form entirely it may be a bit more tricky. Depending on the workflow you’re looking to create, you’d likely disable the built-in form for public access, and would then need to setup a way to either manually input or import the submissions from your custom form (via a custom module, directly writing to the database, or Data Admin import).