Gibbon as source of truth for family info?

Initially I thought there wasn’t a way to add a family other than via import – and that it was assumed Gibbon is not the source of truth for this info - but I can see that it is possible to create a Family direct in the UI. Some clarification on the intended use of Families in regard to Gibbon being the source of truth or not would be great!

If it is acceptable to us Gibbon as the source of truth for Family info then:

  • the option of an auto id for the family sync code would be very useful
  • when creating new Families, intelligently offering possible family members based on existing relationships would be a nice to have.

Interested to know if these seem like valid feature requests?

Lastly, some of the communication options are greyed out when editing the Adult against the family. The image below is an Adult added via import – is this a config setting that I am missing?

I have discovered the answer to one of my questions here. Communication options are defaulted to Yes for the contact set as priority 1. I like this approach. This isn’t handled in our current student management system and we have a custom report set up to report when a student is missing the minimum mandatory communication settings, i.e. at least one parent needs set to receive communications.

For your two questions, which I believe are as-of-yet unanswered:

  1. The family sync is only used for importing if you already have an ID from another system that you use. Otherwise, Gibbon does automatically assign an ID to each family internally as a gibbonFamilyID.
  2. Families are generally created through the application form during admissions, which automatically creates users and connects them to families. I can see where having an auto-suggest could be useful, but given how rarely family members change once setup, it wouldn't be a high priority on our (quite long) feature request list.