Getting a Form is Not Secure and Redirect when I try to log in

Hello, I just installed v26 on a ubuntu server and installation went fine until I got to the log in. Every time I try to log in, I get redirected to a Form is Not Secure warning and login fails. I have SSL certificate and key assigned. It shows secure when I go to my page. The issues occur when I try to log in. Any ideas? I can’t even log in to try anything out or set anything up at all.

Hi @abarthur, welcome to the Gibbon community!

I wonder if you may have installed the SSL certificate after the installation? In which case, Gibbon may be using http:// rather than https:// for it’s Absolute URL. You can check and update these values by accessing your MySQL server directly (via command line or a tool like PHPMyAdmin or SequelAce), then go to the gibbonSetting and update the absoluteURL value. Hope this helps!

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