gettext & zip modules "not installed"

Hi, I’m installing a new instance of Gibbon on a Mac system (Catalina), and I’ve got apache2, php & MySQL all up and going, started the installation of Gibbon, and the Step 1 screen is telling me that gettext and zip are not installed. I’ve gone through the process of installing homebrew, and they are definitely installed according the homebrew, but Gibbon is not recognising them as installed. I’m not sure if there’s an issue with a PATH command somewhere, or what? Any thoughts? All the other php modules all appear to be working.

Hi Steve,

Systems often have two versions of PHP: a command line one, and a web server one. I wonder if Homebrew is telling you about the command line one, whereas Gibbon relies on the web server one. Perhaps this an avenue to explore.

You can also look to create a php_info page on your web server, to see what is and is not installed. I’d expect what you see here to match what Gibbon is telling you.

Good luck!


Thanks Ross, yes that might explain a few things I’ve come across. I’ve already created a php_info page, and yes, I can see that those two modules aren’t listed in the Extensions information.

So! Now I know why it’s not working. Can you give me any idea how to load the modules in to the web php server?

Alternatively, am I better off installing all the goodies as MAMP? I simply used the existing apache and php already installed, and added SQL over the top.

Yep, MAMP got me past that stage! I’ll go back to the installation video for the next stage now.

And it’s all working. Thanks Ross. That’s all it took.


Yes, MAMP is great for testing and development, but not secure out of the box, and not recommended for production. I’ve never actually used Mac for production, and so sadly can’t tell you much more about web server and PHP. Google will be the best bet here I think! Great to hear that you are making progress. Ross.