$getCumulativeAverage not returning anything

I cannot seem to get the getCumulativeAverage function in MarkbookView.php to return anything. I create a new markbookview, and pass it a valid gibbonPersonID like so:

$gibbonCourseClassID = $markbookEntry[‘gibbonCourseClassID’]
$markbookTest = new MarkbookView($gibbon, $pdo, $gibbonCourseClassID);
$avgGrade = $markbookTest->getCumulativeAverage($gibbonPersonID);

I have confirmed that the gibbonCourseClassID is valid, and that I’m getting a proper gibbonPersonID. What am I doing wrong?

I have it successfully returning the averages I expect now. The problem seemed to be that the function really wanted the studentID in the form of a value from the markbookEntry array, rather than anything hardcoded (for testing) or predetermined.

Ah yes, it was probably looking for the leading zeroes when comparing and using the IDs. Glad to hear it’s working!