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Hello team,

I am trying to extend Gibbons Finance module get it integrated with Odoo finance through XMLRPC.
good thing they can see each other and I can fetch some data but not exactly what I intend to fetch.

in this file modules/Finance/invoicees_manage.php
there’s a logic to select students with no invoicee, I’ve tried to loop through those $missinginvoicees but I can only catch <code class="CodeInline">$values [gibbonPersonID] field.
I would linke to get: officialName , gender, parent1phone1, phone1,className,gibbonFormGroup

Thank you

Hi Kelvin, the $missingInvoicees variable uses $invoiceeGateway->selectStudentsWithNoInvoicee()->fetchAll();` to get the list of invoicees, which includes gibbonPersonID, surname, preferredName, gibbonFinanceInvoiceeID. You can view the query in the selectStudentsWithNoInvoicee method in src/Domain/Finance/InvoiceeGateway.php. This should give you an idea of how to run a similar query, and you can update this to add additional columns to the returned data set.

Thank you @ross , I had looked at the invoiceeGateway and probably I need to look at it more and try fetch from the query and include the fields that I need.
let me check again, I’ll give a heads-up if things don’t go right.

Thank you again.

I am no developer, but i have been actively looking for a solution to manage billing
our school has monthly fees, and students can join or withdraw at any time, which makes managing billing a challenge.
If integration with odoo is available it will be a huge + for the community

Hi @Aziz and @kelvinmw We’re happy to help support community developement and integrations. If you wanted to make something that other schools could use, my recommendation would be to see if you can add your changes to a custom module, and we’d be happy to add the module to the Extend page. Give a shout with any questions about how to go about that, here is a link to the Gibbon docs and starter module.

Thanks Sandra, personally I checked finance module(back then 2022) and it looked a little bit complex to extend and allow monthly fee that is constant and keeps changing for every new enrollment (Due to initial agreement at enrollment). Usecase was to have a default fee set for every new enrollment, and this allows automatic creating of monthly invoices based on the set default fee. Due to the steep learning curve : quick workaround was creating a custom Odoo module that fetches data from multiple external database[GibbonEdu], a pull and push sync attached to multiple company [multiple school branch] in odoo and let Odoo handle all finance. I wouldn’t say it is the best solution but it was a shortcut to getting more finance feature and solve the problem at the time. I am still studying Gibbon to be able to create a proper standard module that can be shared/be of help to other schools.

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