Get all user fields

Hello team,

I am trying to extend Gibbons Finance module get it integrated with Odoo finance through XMLRPC.
good thing they can see each other and I can fetch some data but not exactly what I intend to fetch.

in this file modules/Finance/invoicees_manage.php
there’s a logic to select students with no invoicee, I’ve tried to loop through those $missinginvoicees but I can only catch <code class="CodeInline">$values [gibbonPersonID] field.
I would linke to get: officialName , gender, parent1phone1, phone1,className,gibbonFormGroup

Thank you

Hi Kelvin, the $missingInvoicees variable uses $invoiceeGateway->selectStudentsWithNoInvoicee()->fetchAll();` to get the list of invoicees, which includes gibbonPersonID, surname, preferredName, gibbonFinanceInvoiceeID. You can view the query in the selectStudentsWithNoInvoicee method in src/Domain/Finance/InvoiceeGateway.php. This should give you an idea of how to run a similar query, and you can update this to add additional columns to the returned data set.

Thank you @ross , I had looked at the invoiceeGateway and probably I need to look at it more and try fetch from the query and include the fields that I need.
let me check again, I’ll give a heads-up if things don’t go right.

Thank you again.