Generation of reports error.

Hello Everyone.
I’m sure this is a simple fix but I’m getting an error while trying to generate the reports.
The error reads as

“TCPDF ERROR: [Image] Unable to get image: /tmp/img_XURs8p”

I don’t know what image it is looking for, but i can’t even find the folder it is looking for on the system.

I only get this error when i try to generate a single report, but as I try to generate all reports I don’t get an error, it just says its running but to no end.

Any help or advice would be gratefully appreciated

Many thanks


Hi Brian,

Interesting error. What kind of sections do you have in your template? Perhaps one of the sections is looking for an image file. Are you able to share a screenshot of your template builder? Also, does the HTML preview work?

Hello Sandra, Thank you for your reply,
I have left all the templates the same and not played around with them.
As when i get more time i will look into setting them up better for our school.

I have had a quick look into the blocks to find anything that i may need to add. But the images are all there.

Also the HTML preview works well.

Any help would be greatly welcomed.

Many thanks


Thanks for sharing a screenshot! I can see two sections that can have images in them: the Logo - Center and Signature - Box. Can you check, do these have images assigned or not? Perhaps a screenshot of the HTML preview may help too.

Hello Sandra, I have check them two sections mentioned and all seem to be correct, the image files have been uploaded to both. I have also checked the rest of the sections to see if there was any other image file that was needed but I couldn’t find anything to add. Ill copy the HTML code here a little later.

I’ll update you later,

Many thanks for your feedback


Okay, another option is to try and delete the images and re-upload them. I’ll do a couple tests on this end, if there’s a way to reproduce what you’re seeing, then there will be a way to fix it : )

In my opinion its error of image in student info . so upload image for students for which you require the report.


Hello Everyone, Just to give you an update on this error that i had.
“ghulamabbas92”, I think you are right. Some of my students don’t have an image on their profile. As some students parents haven’t given us permission to keep a photo :s (Grrr Data protection)
As i have created a report with a student that does have a image on their profile and it works a like a dream.

So with this in mind, could their be a quick work around?
Should i loss the students profile section on the reports or maybe better to edit the template so as it doesn’t include the image of the student.

Once again, thank you all for your feedback on this matter :wink:

Respected BrainE,
You can upload a dummy image to the students for those , you cannot upload original image.

@ross is this an issue we can fix? It seems like missing images are causing issues, and Ghulam’s suggestion of a dummy issue is a good fix short term fix. Cheers!

Hi Ghulam, well spotted on the cause of the image issue!

BrianE, I’ve updated the template to omit images for students who don’t have one, you can apply the same changes to your template in modules/Reports/templates/reports/studentDetails.twig.html. If you’re running Production mode, be sure to clear your cache in System Admin > System Check (at the bottom).

Hope this helps!

I tried to upload my photo for testing. But it always shows error like size / aspect ratio. Any help ?

Hi rthunoli, when uploading a photo be sure to check the help text. For this case, you can see the requirements in the Add/Edit User page:

User Photo
Displayed at 240px by 320px.
Accepts images up to 360px by 480px.
Accepts aspect ratio between 1:1.2 and 1:1.4.

As long as your images are in this size or aspect ratio they will work. You could use a bulk image resize tool if you need to change a lot of images before uploading.

Yes. Aspect ratio was the problem. It is solved.
Thank you for your reply