GENERATE REPORTS-Cannot display traditional Chinese characters

Hello Gibbon Group,when i trying to create the report PDF file , i have a small question
because we use traditional chinese,but the final pdf file can’t show it, like my screenshot

and i try install " traditional chinese" fonts in system,and preview, but still not working

hello @admin and @ross i change a lot of setting,it look like only show the english,
the traditional Chinese will become “???” question mark

Hi Kevin, the PDF libraries use generic fonts that don’t support a full UTF8 set by default. I’ve updated the documentation about using custom fonts, which will require some tweaks to your CSS to apply the font-family declaration for your new font. Be sure to check out the instructions and let me know if it’s still not working:

thank you @ross , a little question

This can be done for specific areas the template by editing your templates and applying the
style=“font-family: yourfontname” attribute to an HTML tag.
this part i don’t know, where i can put the code.
i am ready upload the font file,and check the font .change the setting.
i can show my step,please help me fix the issue.

1、upload font and Scan Asset Directories

2、the font family name needs to be lowercase

3、put the style code

4、pdf file still not show the chinese word.

Morning @ross , I fix it. thank you for your teaching.
is looks magazing, and when i export markbook with comments , is the same issue happened.
is that the same reason?