Generate Password when creating new user unable to copy the text

It would be a nice if there was a way to copy and paste the Generated password when creating a new user.

With Chrome and I am assuming most browsers when you are creating a new user and you choose to Generate Password it pops up a dialog box with the password it it. Unfortunately there is no way to easily copy and paste that text out of there since its a dialog.

Could the Generate Password display the password a different way? Perhaps a lightbox or something that we could copy and paste the text out of or even a button that says copy to clipboard?


Hi Jemmyn,

Thanks for the heads up! Personally I use Firefox where the text is selectable, I wouldn’t have guessed this wasn’t the case for Chrome. This has been fixed in a recent update by changing the dialog box to a prompt, which makes the text selectable and easy to copy. This is in the v15 development branch with a planned release of January 2018.

Hey guys, thanks for both proposing an improvement and then implementing a solution : ) It has been reviewed, merged and tested and it looks great. Looking forward to v15 coming out on January 20th so I can see this in the wild! Ross.