Future Attendance


Is it possible to add the list from the Future Absence drop down menu it only have 3 options? ( first screen shot ), if it is possible, where can we go to add the list.
It does not have the same drop down list like the normal attendance (second screen shot).

There are 2 students that has left last Friday but they are still going to receive the report card by end of the term. If I change their status to ‘Left’ from the user setting, I am afraid the teacher will missed her in reporting work process.
So the plan was to set future absence as ‘left’ for them and without removing them from the class list/homeroom.

Hi Ayu,

In the context of Attendance “Left” means that they were in school for the day, and then left the school. So, in this case, I believe “Absent” is a better descriptor.

The best bet, I think, would be to set them to Absent using future attendance, and then once reporting is over, set their left date (User Admin) to the real left date.