Future Attendance

Good Morning,

I would like to ask about future attendance. We tried to set up a future attendance for students yesterday for today absence and it was successfully recorded but then today when I go to check the notes and future attendance that we sett up yesterday, the record yesterday does not appear in her class attendance today, so the teacher have to do the attendance again.
Can you please let me know what is possible that we have missed here?

Hi Ayu,

Setting future attendance should cause the teacher’s view of attendance to be preset with the information that you’ve inputted. The teacher still needs to take attendance for the student (either by person, form group or class) for that information to turn into real attendance information. From your description, it sounds like the teacher is not seeing the future attendance showing up as a preset when they take attendance. Have I understood this correctly?

If you go into Admin > School Admin > Manage Attendance Settings, you’ll see a section for Pre-Fills & Defaults. What are the first three options set to? My understanding is that these need to be set to “Yes” in order for Future Attendance to work, but this might have some other negative impacts, depending on how you run attendance in your school.

Hi @ross, can you confirm my final statement there? I’m not in a position to dig into the code right now? My feeling is that Future Absences should pre-fill regardless of the pre-fill setting, wondering what you think?



Thank you for your reply, I attached here the screen shot for your reference.
I see now… the ‘other contexts’ could means ‘future attendance’? would like to change the three options set to ‘YES’ to make the future attendance working, but will see Sandra’s comment first.

I’m also away, traveling in Bhutan, but happy to check it out next week when I’m back :smiley:

It does look like the Future context is part of the Other Contexts, so when that setting is off it doesn’t prefill anything outside its own context.

Ayu, you should be fine to turn that setting on.

@admin If this is a bug, then it’s maybe time to re-open that prefill-attendance related can-of-worms from earlier in the year? and see if some of the complexity can be sorted out and ideally handled less confusingly.