Free Learning units and their visibility

Hi there,

I have the following question: It seems like all the Free Learning units we have ever created are always visible to all students. Is there a way to limit which units students in a particular class can see? We are currently creating a whole set of separate units (forming a separate FL unit map) that are meant to be teacher PD. We don’t want these to see the other units related to our undergrad courses, but I can’t seem to block off the latter.
I know that there is a Gorilla PD module where PD can be hosted separately, but because this module is hosted on an external server, our organisation will not allow us to use it.

Any thoughts on how to resolve this?



Hi Elke, when adding or editing a unit, there is an Access section which enables you to control who can access the unit. You could change the Available To Students to No in this case, and set Available To Staff to Yes. Then be sure that your students and staff are using separate Roles in the system.

Hi Sandra,

Thanks for your quick reply! One additional question: if you do that, I can’t differentiate between students enrolled in different classes, can I? So, either a unit is accessible to all students, or to none?


Further down, below the access controls, you can differentiate access to the unit by Year Group. This is the closest there is to limiting access within a group of students.

Okay, thanks, Sandra. I will check if that’s a good way to proceed.