Free Learning unit progress per student

Hi Gibbon,

I am currently checking student progress (in Free Learning) and checked the current unit enrolment of students - see screenshot attached.
I know that all of the students in the class (except for 2) have started and have completed at least one unit, yet, in the screenshot you will see that some students are listed as “inactive”. Does this mean that they are currently not enrolled in any units, despite the fact that they have started free learning and might have completed one or more units?

Thanks for your help!


Elke, I’ve removed the image as it had some personal information in it, and this is a public page. Let me take a look, and I’ll get back to you. Ross.

Hi Elke, yes, this view only shows currently enrolled units. So, the students with a blank against their names have either not started Free Learning, or have completed one or more units and then not signed up for anything. To dig in on a per user basis you can use the Unit History By Student report. Alternatively, using Query Builder, you can use the two queries in the attached ZIP file to pull out useful records. Hope this helps : ) Ross

Thanks, Ross! Elke