Free Learning Module Unable to Filter Staff from Enrolling Units

Hi, so I am successfully working on the free learning module. I had setup everything I needed. However I just can’t seem to block staff from enrolling a specific unit.I have added a unit “Student Orientation” through Home>Free Learning>Manage Units. Under access settings I opted:

Available To Staff *
Should staff be able to browse and enrol? “NO”

I have created a Support Staff user “Mr. Speaker1” and tried logging into the account. Upon checking for available units, Mr. Speaker1 was able to enrol in “Student Orientation” which is of course for approval. Is the access settings I set earlier not working? or I might have overlooked a setting. Anyone having the same issue? thanks.

Hello, check out Admin > User Admin > Manage Permissions, and filter down to the Free Learning module. I suspect your staff have access to Browse Units_all, rather than Browse Units_prerequisites. The former will allow enrolment anywhere, the second enforces a range of controls.

We tend to give staff the former so they can freely roam the whole map, but you can customise as needed.


Thank you for the quick and valuable information, Ross.