Free Learning Module Unable to Enroll Students

We have been using Free Learning in our online school since July and have been allowing students to enroll in the Free Learning units on their own as we use it for activities based learning in addition to the regular class that we use via the Planner. However, due to our timetable, this isn’t really feasible and we now need to enroll the students in the Planner and Free Learning at the same time.

The problem is that when I go to Home > Free Learning > Browse Units > Unit Details > Add Multiple to add students to a unit, the Status field has “Exempt” as the only option, which isn’t what is needed.

Any help in fixing this is appreciated.


Hi @DrakonPrime

Yes, as you’ve noted, the Add Multiple option is only for exemptions, and there isn’t an option to manually sign students up for a unit. The philosophy of Free Learning is that it aims to be student driven, so students can sign themselves up for a unit, rather than a teacher signing them up. This gives students the choice of which units to choose to study. Teachers with a class of students can view which units students have signed up for using Current Unit by Class, and can prompt students to choose their next unit by checking this list. Hope this helps! :smiley: