Free Learning Certificate Template

Hi, I did modified the layout of generated certificate upon unit completion in the Free Learning certificate. I am planning to create a different template depending on what units are accomplished by the student. Say I made a unit on “environment protection” and a unit on “disaster risk management”, I’d like to have a different look for the generated certificates, an environment themed certificate for environment protection and a disaster management themed certificate on the unit disaster risk management.

I was able to play around much on the paper sizes and orientation. I’d like to ask for your inputs regarding this and on what better approach should be taken. Should I just load all layout on the php file with if else argument depending on the unit name of the module? Thank you.

Interesting. An if-else would certainly be a straight-forward approach. You’ll probably want to keep your modified code somewhere separate (such as in a GitHub fork), so you could merge it into any future Free Learning versions.

I am manually keeping the modified code separate. I havent tried github but ill give it a try, sometimes it is painful to track changes.

Yes, manual changes can become a pain to track :# If it’s of interest, here’s a great article on forking a repo in GitHub: This doc uses the command line, I’m also a fan of git UIs like SourceTree, they can bake working with repositories much easier.