Forum posts Editing and Deleting

Hi Admins !

It would be nice to be able to edit/delete forum posts to avoid spamming you all :smile:


Hi @flygye12, I found a setting for this in Vanilla forums, users should now be able to edit their posts up to 4 hours after posting. Thanks!

Thanks @ross but it seems I’m still not able to edit a post I added a few minutes ago : :confused:

Hmm, something seems to be up with Vanilla. I changed the setting several times, but it keeps reverting back to “Authors may never edit”. It appears to be a bug, so it may have to wait until the next time Ross updates the forum software :confused:

Hi flygye12 and Sandra,

Sorry for the delay in responding to this! When I looked at this initially, Vanilla had updated itself to v3.2, and so updating was not an option. However, v3.3 has since come out, and the forum has again atuomagically updated itself. The issue is still happening.

I’ve reported this to the Vanilla team as a bug:

Let’s see if they can help us sort it out.



It turns out that the config is stored in a file, which was not writable by the web server.

I’ve fixed this now, and set the edit setting.

@flygye12 do you want to try and edit a post?

@admin I would like to, but still can’t find the edit button :cry:

Hi flygye12, did you try using the cog icon at the top right of a post?

Hopefully you can see it there, otherwise I’ll dig in again and see what is going on. Thanks!

Nope can’t see it !

Test :slight_smile:

Yep, not working here too. No cog icon shows.

Hmmm, this is indeed odd. I’ve checked the setting in the Vanilla Dashboard, and it has unset. However, looking in the config file, it is correctly set there.

I’ve reopened the issue on with Vanilla, and we’ll see what they come back with.

Thanks! Ross