FormBuilder & Manage Applications

I am trying the Form Builder in different ways.
(By the way, a great project!)

Manage Applications
There are two different - disjointed paths for this - Is this correct?

When I go to:
people - > admissions ->Manage Applications, I can only see and edit the entries:
people → admissions → FormBuilder form, with which they were created
In this section, I don’t see the students created with the standard admissions form.

The other way is this:
Students created via the standard admissions form, I have to manage them via:
people → students → Manage Applications
In this section, I don’t see the students created with the FormBuilder.

Is my assumption correct?
If so, I should therefore opt for either to keep it uncluttered.

Thanks & Greetings!

Hi rovanov, in v24 we introduced a new Admissions module and Form Builder system to eventually replace the original application form in the Students module. At the time, we marked it as Beta and kept the original application form active so schools have time to check out the new features and not lose any data. In future versions the old form will be disabled by default and hidden. You just happened to start using Gibbon during the transition from one to the other, so it can seem cluttered to have both systems active.

If you don’t already have data in the old student application form system, I’d recommend turning it off using User Admin > Manage Permissions and disabling the Students > Student Application Form and Students > Manage Applications. You can turn on the new form in School Admin > Admissions Settings, and then just focus on using the new functionality.

Thank you Sandra,
Yes that seemed like the best way to go too.