Form groups

How can form groups and summary form groups have different totals

Hi John,

Are you able to share some screenshots to help illustrate what you’re seeing? Be sure to crop/blank out any personal data.


hi everyone, we are new to this system so please be patient with us…we are about to use Gibbon and have imported the existing students and also manually added the new students that will start in the new term…September 5th… problem is we dont know how to print a list of all form groups to give teachers as the new new students that are enrolled dont start until 5th Septmember the 5th, the list we get to print only shows the existing students!..any ideas?

Hi Ron, new students don’t show in most parts of the system until they meet their start date. The rationale is that you’d not want students to appear in Attendance until they’ve started at school. For the start of the school year, we usually use SQL to bulk set all students to an earlier start date, and after school starts we then set the correct start date. This allows teachers to see class lists over the summer. The other option would be to use Query Builder to obtain an export of all students in all Form Groups, which could then be printed. Cheers, Ross.