Form Groups displayed alphabetically

Hello, I have about fifty Form Groups all carrying strange codes and names. I’m not managing to sort them alphabetically. I think they display in the order they were created.
Can this be sorted alphabetically?

Hi Ginny,

I’ve had a look at the form group ordering. It is indeed ordering the form groups alphabetically by short name, however with one caveat: it’s also ordering them by the length of the short name. This is a workaround to ensure that Y1, Y2, Y3 … Y10, Y11, etc are listed in order, rather than Y1, Y10, Y11, Y2, Y3, which is what normal alphabetical sorting would result in.

It looks like, in the screenshot you had shared with us, that your form group names use a variety of lengths, which is why you are seeing an unusual order in this list. In seeing the list of form group names, I wondered if you might be using form groups in place of classes? This could cause problems down the line, as students can only ever be in one form group per school year. The following post may help clarify the difference between form groups and classes: CBSE School in India - #9 by smarcil