Form Group / Class - Names Arranged alphabetically - Can they be Grouped to Boys, then Girls ?

Good Day Admin!

Another Class Groupings that we practice is to list Boys names first, alphabetically, then Girls names alphabetically.

As shown in the Markbook, Names are arranged alphabetically, which mixes boys and girls.
Is there any way that the list is grouped to Boys names first, then Girls names follows ?

Again, thank you in advance.


Hi radzjacer,

In the Student Enrolment section, there is an option to provide a Roll Order for each student, which can be a number that determines the student order in lists such as markbook and roll groups. In this case, you could provide a roll order number for students that orders them by gender and then name.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Sandra!

I tested Boy 1 and Boy 2.

But still, Boy 1 ABAD, and Boy 2 AMOSCO did not follow the order.

Is there a required way of assigning number? Or combination of Alpha-numeric codes?

Again, thank you in advance :smiley:


Hi Rady,

In the case of screens like the markbook and roll group pages, there is a dropdown to select the preferred sort order. If you select Roll Order from the dropdown, you should see the sorting in effect, as well as see the roll order next to students.

Hope this helps!

Oh! My Goodness!!! :open_mouth:

Why on Earth have i not explored that drop down button :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: