Form Group at Entry

In my application form i have added

  1. Year group at entry
  2. Form group at entry
    3.Anticipated Year of Entry
    4.Intended Start Dat

If i set form group at entry to require (not office only) it will show only number 1.
I want a parent to select form group for their students. Is it possible?

Please see image bellow.

Hi @calx I believe it’s giving generic data since you’re in the template builder view, and it doesn’t have access to the actual school year data that a real application would. Can you check your actual application, after choosing a school year in the form, it should populate the real form group options.

Hi Sandra.
This a actual application.
If i set Form Group at Entry required and not for office use only it will show only “1”


Ah, okay, then that’s definitely a bug, I’ll take a look. Its interesting that your school lets parents choose the form group for their children, as often schools I’ve worked with will make that decision themselves, so I suspect that bias came through when I was programming that feature.

Yes, parents choose the form group for their children . If group is not full.
If group is full they they will be notified and sked to choose another form group.
Sandra Thanks for everything

Hi @calx I’ve created a fix for the bug in v27, which you can find here: Admissions: fixed Form Group at Entry field when not using it as Offi… · GibbonEdu/core@398bba7 · GitHub Luckily it’s a small fix, so you can apply these changes to your current install by updating the two files that have changed to the updated files:

It worked like charm.
Thanks Sandra

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