Form Builder

I copied the sample form to create my own.
I have added a sixth page and I can insert my ‘Custom fields’ in the right place just fine.
Insert new header works also fine but a text field is not accepted.
Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for the heads up. Can you let me know which version of Gibbon you’re running?

latest: v25.0.00

Hi rovanov, I’ve tested this out and it’s working as expected in v25, however the caveat is that you can’t add two generic fields with the exact same name. Perhaps you’ve already added a field called text earlier in the application? Can you try adding one with a different name and then it should work. Otherwise, let me know what steps you’ve followed and I will see if I can reproduce the issue. Thanks.

Hi Sandra,
I have 2 almost identical installations. One of them (lavs2) I’m playing with, the second installation I wanted to set up permanently now. (lav).

In my playing environment, it works well. In the version I wanted to set up permanently now, I cannot add text fields. Even in the Sample Application Form, I cannot insert text fields.

Shall I give you access to this installation?

Hi rovanov, this is quite odd. Are you able to re-copy the updated code over into the installation that isn’t working (the same way you would with an update, but with the same version). It sounds like there may be a file that didn’t copy over properly, as the issue should be fixed in the recent code.

Dear Sandra,
I have made the ‘update’ again. Unfortunately without any result.
I can give you access, there are not so many private data in it yet.

By the way, did you read my last message under “Resend a welcome eMail”

Warm greetings from the low lands… :slight_smile:

Hi rovanov, you’re welcome to email the login credentials to and I can try and take a look, unfortunately my capacity is quite limited at the moment so I may not be able to look right away.

Thanks for the reminder, I’ll take a look and see if I can reproduce the issue from