Form Builder Rich Text

I believe this is an enhancement…but if I just need to do something - let me know! Thanks!

Is there a way to have Rich Text (or at least CRLF’d text) as text in the form? I know the user can enter Rich Text as a response, but I want to use RT for a POLICY CONFIRMATION and they need to say Yes, I agree. The policy has CRLF and some bullets/etc. When I enter it into the description of a field now, I lose the CRLF and it becomes a single mass of text. I’ve also tried
and /n as new line interpreters…but they don’t seem to work.


Hi Jason, good question. The form builder is quite new and we’re still putting it through it’s paces, but I think a rich text option could certainly be added. I just noticed a bug with adding multiple text fields, which I’ll fix in the v25 development version. In the meantime, these fields will likely support basic HTML, so you should be able to use a <br> line break in your text fields.