Form builder for other forms

Dear Sandra and Ross
Once again, thanks a million for the superb work you have been doing all these years.
This time around I need two different forms to collect medical data: one for Early Childhood Education and another for Elementary school. It would be perfect to be able to send these forms to families and have them login and enter the data, but I’ve been struggling to understand how to do it using the form builder.
Could please give me some hint on how to accomplish that. I have custom fields set in the medical form section, but I can’t find an easy way for families to access the forms. Is the “Manage other forms” in the admissions module the way to go?
Hope you can help.

Hi @pllabreu Thanks for your kind words.

I do have plans (or distant dreams, given my limited time at the moment) to extend the Form Builder for use with other forms, but it’s not currently an option, and only works for Admissions forms.

However, the built-in Data Updater module sounds like it may already do what you are looking for. The data updater is designed for parent to be able to login and make changes to their data, including filling in medical data, and then the changes are approved by a staff member. You can add custom fields to your medical data section through System Admin > Custom Fields, and these will be on the Data Updater form for parents to fill out. It’s useful for not only new parents, but yearly data updates, as you can prompt parents to check the data and submit to confirm that it is still correct. Hope this helps!