Form Builder-->Design Applications form error

Hello Gibbon group
I use the form builder design new student application from,i just made one page for test.
when i submit , it will show the error message, but if i use the sample one for submit, everything is ok.
When i design my from ,i delete some column, like “First name” or i change some setting, is that the probram?

this is the error message
[06-Sep-2022 10:57:18 Asia/Taipei] Uncaught Exception: Error - Call to a member function hasNestedColumns() on null in /home/xapwodeh/public_html/gibbon/src/Forms/Builder/FormBuilder.php on line 350

Hi Kevin, thanks for the heads up. I’ve looked into the error and it actually seems related to using a subheading as the first item in the form rather than a heading. I’ve fixed the error in the code for v25 which you can find in this commit, you can apply it to your own install by updating the FormBuilder.php file.

Thank you so much, you are the best !!

Hi @ross , another few question.
1、I make a few fake data for Applications form. When i export to excel , it looks like every one’s file is independent.
can’t merge together, is possible let all data put in one excel file?
2、the overview page, is anything need take attention, or this page just for office use,i just click the Accept battom

3、I create two record, A student username is A010001 student id A010001
if i use same username in B student it works,but student id will show “already use”

thank you for helping me,


Hi Kevin,

  1. They are currently only exportable one at a time. We will look at adding a Query Builder query for v25 to be able to export the full set of applications in one spreadsheet.
  2. Correct, the overview is for reviewing information and for updating any office-only fields prior to accepting.
  3. Thanks for the heads up, looks like it was only checking users and not also other application forms. I’ve updated it in the commit here: