Form builder custom fuild longer then 90 chars

Hi there
In form builder or custom field you can not have a question (post) more than 90 char (varchar(90)).
I can go and change in mysql using PHPmyAdmin only after i post. How do i can change that that will accept longer then 90 chars.
Because some of my question are quite long.
Example (Does your child have any specific behavior which indicates she/he is upset (sucking thumb,hiding in corner)).
Any help please.

Hi @calx The description for Custom Fields can be up to 255 characters, perhaps giving the question a name, like “Coping Behaviours” and then adding the question to the description would work? Another option is to put a plain text before the question, and a shorter name for the field itself. The 90 character limit is because these field names will show up in many places in the system, and very long names won’t fit well into tables, etc., but the description won’t be displayed in these areas. Hope this helps!

I found solution for this.
I edited files /modules/system admin/customFields_add.php and customFields_edit.php
Changed from $row->addTextField(‘name’)->maxLength(90)->required();

It worked good. Also i changed in in mysql table gibbonCustomField from varchar(90) to varchar(510).
It worked good.