Flexibility of classes and courses

We are a small private university for interpreters and translators of about 200 students and 50 teachers.

The biggest problem I have encountered while trying out school management systems is that our university does not have typical classes. Upon enrollment, the students have to choose a language (other than English), a path (translation or interpretation) and an “address” (marketing, tourism, a few more choices). Furthermore, they can choose another language and optional courses, some of which are paid, others are free.

The courses they have to follow are based on these choices. So, we can have student Anna that has chosen French, translation and marketing and student Barbara with French, interpretation and tourism. They will both have to follow base English courses and base French courses, but will have different courses for interpretation or translation. There will be a few courses that are common for tourism and marketing and others that will be different. (Yes, the timetable is complicated).

Is it possible to assign students and courses to different classes? In the worst-case scenario, it is possible to manually choose which courses each student has to follow?

Hello, welcome to the Gibbon community. From what you have described, Gibbon should be able to meet your needs. Its structure of courses, which branch into classes, is very flexible, and students can be involved in multiple overlapping classes, which can be set up by import or manual enrolment. Hopefully this helps, but feel free to follow up with further questions if needed. Thanks, Ross.