Find nth teacher of a class by sequence/order

Query: Teachers Of Courses and Classes in Current Year

Since a class can have more than one teacher, I wonder whether there is a way I can pull the order/sequence of the teachers from the database…

I want to see the nth teacher in the list of teachers - it will allow me to single out the “main” teacher for the class who I will have first on the list.

Hi Tieku, I can see what you’re looking for, and this could technically be possible, however the order would be entirely based on their last name rather than which teacher is the “main” teacher, so it wouldn’t necessarily give you the result you’re looking for.

Some other options are: use the Assistant role for non-main teachers, so it’s easier to filter, and only one teacher will have the Teacher role. Or, use Custom Fields for classes to list who the main teacher is, and use queries to extract this data.

I am going to try out both suggestions. Great suggestions. Thanks!.

One thing I am going to find though is someone can be the main teacher for one class, but an assistant for another. I have to think this through a bit…