Finance: Modify Filters in "Manage Invoices"

In Home > Others > Finance > Manage Invoices, Please I need a guide on how to modify the Filters as follows:

  1. How do I add “Grade Level” as part of the filters (see screenshot 1)
  2. In Fee Category there, how do I make it appear in this format (see screenshot 2):
    • Class 1 Fee Category
      Class 1a Fee (under class1 category)
      Class 1b Fee (under class1 category)
      Class 1c Fee (under class1 category)
      - Class 2 Fee Category
      Class 2a Fee (under class2 category)
      Class 2b Fee (under class2 category)
      Class 2c Fee (under class2 category)

Thank you!

Hello, we’re new to Gibbon. Can anyone please assist with this question. Thanks

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Hi Guys @sandra @ross Kindly assist with this request, I only need a guide or advice. Thanks :grinning:

Hi @Ghetto-free-schools and @nejobest welcome to the Gibbon forums.

I’ve had a look at the screenshots and the code, and it seems to be a difference between one drop-down only showing Fee Categories (for the filter options), and the other dropdown showing the Fees themselves (grouped by category). When you are filtering, you can filter by the overall category of the fee, but when you add a fee to an invoice, you are selecting the fee itself. Hope this helps clarify the difference between these drop-downs.

Thanks @sandra could you please guide me on how to add a new field in the code to the filter? e.g. Grade Level. Currently what is available in Filter is: “Status, Student, Month of Issue, Billing Schedule and Fee Category”

Hi @nejobest, adding a new filter to the code isn’t quite trivial or easy to explain, and any code changes you make to the core would be overwritten with your next update, unless you created the changes as a pull request for the core via GitHub. If you’re interested in developing and contributing to Gibbon in this way, let me know, and I’d be happy to give you some pointers. The contributing guide is a good place to start.

As a note, all the students in the Students drop-down are organized by form group and year group, to help make it easier to find them without needing a filter.