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I am looking at the Finance - Invoices, it easy to see how to setup up Billing Items but I can’t see how you do discounts items like,

let’s say the price of the semester is 400$ and they change the code to say if you register by April 30 you get a discount of 10% so when a parent is registering a student and the date is February 20th, then automatically it calculates 10% discount and show the parent the invoice of 400$-40$= $ 360.

also, one more discounts where it checks if the parent has 2 students registering then they get 25$ discount so, then it automatically calculates 400-25=375$.

Hi Narahari,

I don’t believe the system will automatically apply discounts, but what you can do is setup discounted fees in your system, and note this in the name of the fee. For example, your fees might look like:

$400 - Tuition, Standard Rate
$360 - Tuition, 10% Early Registration Discount
$375 - Tuition, 25$ Second Student Discount

This may be one way to achieve what you’re looking for. @admin is more of an expert on invoices, so perhaps he knows another way too.

Hope this helps!

We do it exactly like @ross is suggesting in our school. Works nicely! :slight_smile:

Hi Narahari, Sandra and Roman are correct: there is no way to do it automatically, but creating fees with pre-set discounts works. Cheers, Ross.

Hi Sandra,

Manually, How to set a fee for all students in a single year group.

You can add a fee to several students in bulk. Click add on “Manage Invoices” page and select all students assigned to all roll groups of a particular year group using “multi select”. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Thanks @meierrom

Thanks @ross @admin

Hello Team

An old post but worth asking for clarity.

If the students on discounted fee are in random roll group, are you supposed to locate one by one each month to assign fee/invoice.

Thank You.

Hi Kelvin, yes at the moment that is the only way to do it. Clearly something we can improve on in due course! Ross

Hi Ross, Thank you for the quick response.

Sure it is something to be improved, because as it looks it is the only area I have headache to explain with lots of enthusiasm to cashiers/finance team since every other part and feature of Gibbon works so perfectly well and with lots of good… super good features.

Meanwhile in a perfect school with little or no discounts the current finance features should work perfectly fine.

Thanks you.